Touch n’ Go GO+ Honest Review | A Genius Marketing Gimmick

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41 thoughts on “Touch n’ Go GO+ Honest Review | A Genius Marketing Gimmick

  1. like like…at least not like pokemon GO ; I kinda get the short term investment part thou…but one need lots of cash in the GO+ to get instant daily return then cash out the next day

    1. @Ziet Invests the only way foward —> if they open all their RFID toll lane. So far havent but i guess that’s their ‘final card’.

    2. @Ziet Invests i am paying my water bill using TnG thou but i am looking foward for TNB in the app. So far only Sarawak energy. Long term, i see the return as a way to pay off my bills too. Like a rebate in a way.

    3. @Sean Chen that sounds better! I think their app and brand have a lot of potential to go, just need to unlock them and it could be a really powerful malaysian app

    1. Hi Christopher, thank you for your suggestion. I do have that in my future to-do list but at the moment I don’t have that much knowledge with options trading yet 😬 still learning it

    1. 100%! Though I think the “attraction point” here is its automated reload from the GO+ balance into the wallet, i don’t think anyone with a sane mind would be here for the return haha!

  2. I can see they’re implementing this to Malaysian towards digital world, very good
    sounds convenient and efficient

    but do not provide topup function in toll (at the same time the toll do not support e-wallet function)
    need me myself, walk with my barefoot(with shoes) to the petrol station at the side there for top-up.

    Why?just because the topup thingy doesn’t make them money? 🤣🤣

    1. Haha beats me! I also wish to see more function to be implemented with the TNG ewallet app, so underused! It has so much potential to make our lives better!

  3. Great review on explaining all the fundamentals for TNG+ ! Although I dully support your point of the return fund being as useless as not singing up for it but again it’s their first bold step especially in Malaysia

    1. 1. Read up on what are assets / liabilities
      2. Learn new skills from internet in your free time (blogging, SEO writing, designing, see this video

      Forget about getting rich with stocks/investments, you need income to able to sustain your investments. Focus on learning new skill, that will make you wealthier than owning some stocks at your age.

    1. That’s another level of gimmick. It’s per annum basis, so on a monthly basis you would get a (Divided by 12) number. And their campaign usually runs for a few months only, so nothing special in my opinion.
      It is just a tiny bonus, if one really wants that, by all means go for it. But to me, it’s not worth the effort, its just a tiny bonus for a short period of time.

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